Happy in Happytown!

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Here’s a great article from Cape Town Magazine (follow the link for the full article) – read how Happytown Healthy Fast Food Trailer and Cafe is making itself known in Cape Town.


Happytown Healthy Fast Food Trailer and Café in Cape Town

“The cheerful mobile venture that’s making organic, gluten-free goods affordable and accessible

The notion of healthy fast food seems as much a paradox as the idea of an honest politician or a conformist Cape Town hipster. In our minds, quick-service snacks are burgers dripping with grease or fries soaked in oil, so the two concepts simply don’t sit well together. Local entrepreneur Aimee Arries and her US-born chef fiancé Heru Johnson, however, are out to disprove this apparent oxymoron and to show that wholesome fare can be rendered as affordable and easily accessible as any Streetwise Zinger or Big Mac Meal.

In mid-July 2014, the duo launched a mobile fast food trailer under the cheerful name of Happytown that serves up bites that are nutritious, well priced and available until the wee hours of the morning when famished party-goers are stumbling home. Currently, the nomadic truck does the rounds predominantly in the Northern Suburbs and Cape Flats from Tuesday to Thursday and in the city bowl from Friday to Sunday, and very soon (end of August 2014), the enthusiastic twosome will also open a permanent eatery just off Long Street.

And the best part is, while Happytown’s fare is healthy and good – we’re talking 100% organic, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free in many cases too – it also makes anyone with intolerances or allergies appropriately ‘happy’ by being just as deliciously palate-pleasing as any standard quick-service eatery’s slimy chips or fried chicken.

“Healthy food is often not attractive or tasty, but ours is ridonkulously yummy,” says the zealous chef, who spent years fine-tuning the recipes for the brand’s dishes to make them as appealing as possible. “With us, you can have a burger with cheese and a shake and still stay slim and not have to take out a loan to be able to afford it.”

The wholesomeness of the meals is largely due to the types of ingredients sourced and the way in which the items are prepared. The meat used in the trailer’s burgers and wraps is free-range and locally reared, the chicken is air baked not fried, the salads are rich with organic field greens and power plants like spinach, the juices and smoothies are packed with straight-off-the-tree fruits and the non-dairy shakes are creamy and thick but sans lactose, sugar or other additives. Happytown even serves an assortment of scrumptious desserts that are perfect for anyone, including young kiddies, with sugar sensitivities – think gluten-free kiwi cakes, organic homemade juice popsicles and sundaes made with “rice cream that’s as good as gelato”.

Even the packaging does no harm to the body or the environment; all the takeaway boxes are biodegradable and made from natural materials and some of the wrapping is even edible.”

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